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4 Simple Ways To Add Value To Your Home

It’s still early enough in the year to spruce up your home with these easy steps, which will add value + a personal touch to your home.  1. Tame your Pantry The thought of organizing your pantry can seem like a daunting task, but it’s much easier than you think. It will not only lessen […]

Holiday Decoration Tips

‘Tis the season to sparkle! The best time of the year personally for me are the holidays. I love getting together with my family and friends, all while enjoying delicious food. I host Christmas at my home every year, so I really get into the holiday spirit. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, out come […]

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Bathroom Designs Idea – Can I Design My Own Bathroom?

Bathroom Designs Ideas – Can I Design My Own Bathroom? Designing a bathroom is not rocket science and can be done by any person without the aid of an interior designer. All that is needed is a little bit of creativity and a bit of research on the trends prevalent in the market. It will […]

Shower Drain Covers – Add Bling to Custom Showers


Shower drain covers can be fugly –  add Blink to Custom Showers.   Yes, I typed fugly. Custom showers deserve awesome shower drains for those who are interested in or have trough drain showers. Something that speaks to the style of the homeowner. But where do you find these drain covers? And will they fit […]

Home Stagers Share 5 Tips To Getting A Home Resale Ready

Kitchen Area

We asked home stagers to share their best tips for a quick resale. Image: Widell + Boschetti Home staging can be tricky to wrap your head around. Most of time, it’s about taking your home as-is and making a few, small changes. Yet, somehow, those tiny changes can make a huge difference when it comes […]

2017’s Best Last Minute Halloween Decor

SPOOKTACULAR LAST-MINUTE HALLOWEEN DECOR!     Haven’t put any Halloween decorations up yet? Don’t sweat it; we have your back with some of our favorite Halloween decorations for your kitchen and home. With the spookiest day of the year right around the corner, you still have plenty of time to give your home that ghoulish […]

How to Unclog a Drain, Shower or Toilet

Unclog Your Drains: DIY Repair. Shower Drains & Toilet – Homemade Cleaner Recipe By Joan Clark While it may seem like a small deal, a clogged drain is a household emergency requiring prompt attention. Why? Because if left unchecked, continued use can lead to a flood. Luckily, there are multiple ways of dealing with clogs before […]

Keeping Your Kitchen’s Stainless Steel Spotless

Stainless steel is a beautiful finish, but to keep it looking its best, especially if you have a family of little ones, can be a big job. Here are a few quick cleaning tips to help you keep your stainless steel gleaming. Rikki Snyder SaveEmail 1. Remove knobs for a complete clean. When cleaning your stainless steel […]

5 Easy Steps To Change Your Shower Head

“How To: Change a Shower Head You don’t need to keep showering under an outdated, cruddy showerhead. Replacing it is easy—just follow this guide and go with the flow. By Amy Lynch Photo: An old and corroded shower head not only looks unattractive to shower underneath, but the outdated model can be costing you more […]

Free Remodeling Ideas For Your Bathroom

Measure and draw your bathroom to scale. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for a bathroom someone else has designed for you, why not try remodeling your bathroom yourself? Designing your bathroom really isn’t as difficult as it might sound. Also, it just might save you quite a bit of money. Wouldn’t it […]

Tips To Design Your Dream Bathroom

Tips To Design Your Dream Bathroom Whether you’re building, designing an entirely new bathroom, or remodeling an existing one, Designer Drains has got you covered when it comes to tips for your bathroom renovation. Here are some cool new ideas to get your bathrooms in tip-top shape. First, list the items you absolutely need in […]

DIY – 10 Modern Wall Mounted Plant Holders

<! DIY – 10 Modern Wall Mounted Plant Holders   Here are 10 examples of modern and stylish wall-mounted planters that will help you get your plants off the ground and onto your walls. 1. These minimalist matte grey and wood plant holders are the perfect way to add a geometric touch and some natural […]

Keep Your Shower Drain Clog Free

Keep Your Shower Drain Clog Free There are various options for clearing your clogged shower drains: chemical cleaners, organic cleaners, plumbing snakes, plungers, and more. But being preventative will save you a lot of trouble and ultimately save you tons of big bucks. Being preventative means trying to prevent the clogs from even happening. Be […]