How a Shower Drain can make the World a better place

So, we know what you’re thinking. How the heck can a shower drain make the world a better place? Most people barely even know what their shower drain looks like, let alone think about them in the context of making the world a better place. Well, maybe shower drains won’t change the entire world, but they might change “your world” and make it a better place. Inspiration can strike at any moment and sometimes in the most random places. According to Business Insider and Mitch Ditkoff, President of Idea Champions, you get your best ideas in the shower.


You can also gain great inspiration from looking at a beautifully crafted decorative Shower Drain as well. There’s just something about looking down at something that someone else created and asking yourself questions like:

How did they create that?
What was their inspiration for that design
What Materials did they use?
How long did it take them to figure out their process?

and so on… There’s a myriad of questions that you might ask yourself, so we won’t list them all. But you get the point.


Another reason shower drains make the World a better place is that they can save your marriage. Wait, first, we tell you Shower Drains can save the World, now this?!  How can shower drains save your marriage? Losing your wedding ring down the drain, having to spend extra money on a plumber to recover,  or your ring or buying a new ring is not a good way to build a lasting partnership with your spouse.

Shower drains save your big-ticket items from being lost. If you want additional protection, you can always put a Hair Catcher under the drain cover. Hair Catchers are designed for ultimate protection against clogging up your drains, so we know that they’ll work for catching jewelry.

Shower drains, like any household item, can be boring if you let them. Still, with just a little bit of imagination and innovation, they can be made into something beautiful, functional, and inspirational.




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2 thoughts on “How a Shower Drain can make the World a better place

  1. Ryan says:

    Shower drains are a great example of something simple and relatively out of sight that has a huge impact on our lives. You don’t appreciate them until it’s too late. Great article!

  2. Car Site says:

    We’ve actually cleaned shower drains in bulk before and have seen some huge ones. They really can spice up a restroom’s look. You’ve got some good designs.

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