A Cube-Like Room Within a Room – Design Milk

A Cube-Like Room Within a Room – Design Milk

Affordable housing is becoming a thing of the past, resulting in many having/choosing to downsize. Since we can’t always get the large space we want, finding ways to make it work becomes necessary. Helping make that happen is Nils Holger Moormann, who has designed a Kammerspiel (intimate theatre) to increase functionality within a small space. The Kammerspiel is basically a room within a larger room that organizes many essentials, like sleeping, working, eating, and reading, into a cube-like piece of furniture that can be accessed from all sides. Other essentials, like clothing storage, are located inside the cube.

cube storage and bed

The Kammerspiel is designed to be customized as everyone’s living habits are different, so various external modules are available. You can have a bed on top with various storage options around the edge, including places to charge your devices. Also, the stairs come with three drawers.

cube storage with stairs

The Bicycle Box offers a place to store your bike, plus three drawers below.

cube bike rack

book storage

dining room with book shelves


The Dining Space module contains open and closed shelving, a table that folds down, and a magnetic board.

kitchen area

modular storage

modular storage


Photos copyright of Julia Rotter.


A Cube-Like Room Within a Room – Design Milk.

Source: A Cube-Like Room Within a Room – Design Milk

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