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For ages, Industrial style has inspired artists, home decor, and fashion designers. Much like Rococo (the soft, pastel Marie Antoinette-inspired fashion from 18th century France), Industrial seems to make a comeback every couple of years from the runway to interior design. And for good reason! Industrial is a unique, complex genre that anyone would look twice at. In fact, a subculture sprouted from the popular look called Steampunk. And if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve definitely seen it. Steampunk, for many, can be a lifestyle composed of industrial, Victorian fashion and gears, gears, gears!

One of my favorite things about Industrial style is that it’s fairly “genderless” in its entirety! Surely, no style has a gender, but some men may not be too fond of a pastel pink bedroom, and I know a few ladies who may not appreciate a superhero-themed living quarter (although I’d LOVE a Captain American-themed kitchen). However, everyone can find beauty in the neutral colors and rustic quality of the Industrial style.


Industrial Steampunk

Best of all, though some industrial furniture and artwork can be pricey, there are many DIY possibilities for you to make all on your own! Plywood and some rusty pipes can make an incredible steampunk-inspired shelf. Clocks, gears, and old-timey maps can give your home a seasoned traveler feel.

When I say Steampunk is a lifestyle, I mean it! From clothing to decor, your entire life could revolve around industry if you wanted! Some of my favorite designers have had entire runway shows completely based on Steampunk-victorian style.

Christian Dior; Fall 2010


Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fall 2006

Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fall 2006


Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2006


Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fall 2006 DG

Steampunk Influence

Such interesting and unique designs and creations have come from Steampunk’s influence. Movies, Entertainment, and even music can sometimes take an industrial twist. Movies like The Wild Wild West and bands like Steam Powered Giraffe use cool industrial-inspired looks to add to their appeal. Here’s an awesome music video from one of the first Steampunk-inspired bands I ever heard of! Watch how they move and talk like robots. Everything about Industrial is rustic, dark-colored, and old-fashioned while still being captivating and new. Organic but inanimate! I was hooked on Steam Powered Giraffe after I first saw this video.

Clothes, movies, and music. And, of course, home decor! Whether you’re a die-hard Steampunk fan or slightly intrigued by industrial style, taking your home to the next level could mean taking a little Steampunk influence. Take some of these fun appliances, for example! (I’ll post any sites I find that sell industrial decor under the photos, in case you’d rather not get your hands dirty)


You can buy this great shelf/toilet paper holder here.





However, the idea of a fully realized conceptional room completely based on steampunk decor is extravagant. Maybe an entire industrial home is a bit much for some, but even just one room out of your house will turn major heads. Take these, for example.





That bathroom is godly! I am obsessed with decorative pipes and gears. So you’ve just gone all out on your new industrial-style bathroom, and that old shower drain is bringing down your Steampunk vibes. Well, I’ve got just the decorative drain cover for you! Sprockets is a cool, rustic, gear-designed drain that’s the perfect touch to your industrial bathroom or kitchen! And it comes in oil-rubbed bronze~






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