Picking Out A Designer Drain

designer drains 5 inch square drain

Picking out a Designer Drains can be fun and exciting! With over 40 different unique styles available, customers are always excited to get there’s installed. However, finding out which drain size and brand can replace your existing drain can sometimes get confusing, so here are a few things to keep in mind:


  • Start with the shape. Easy enough. Just measure the diameter if it is Round or the width if it is Square, not including any rim around the drain if one exists.
  • Measure the Center of one screw hole to the Center of the other screw, also known as the CTC. This is very important to make sure you order the correct drain, so be sure to measure carefully.
    • “What if I don’t see any screws?” Don’t fear! This is common with many standard drains.  Instead, you should see little metal prongs holding down your drain. In that case, that drain cover will just pop right off and 90% of the time underneath you will see 2 inserts for screws to go! Just measure those, again, center to center, and you are good to go! If you still do not see any screw holes, you might have a California Faucet or an EBBE-style shower drain.
  • Is the part that your drain fits into ABS (black plastic), PVC (white plastic), Cast Iron, or a Polished Chrome finish? This can be very helpful but isn’t always needed as the most important thing is getting the measurement of the screw holes correct.

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