Oatey Shower Drain Replacement, Round & Square Shower Grates by Designer Drains

Oatey Shower Drain Replacement Cover

Round Measures – 4 Inch Round with 3-3/8 inch center-to-center screw inserts.

Square Measures – 4-3/16 Inch Square with 3-3/8 inch center-to0center inserts.

Here you will find 4-inch round shower drain replacements for Oateys’ 42218 & 42238 & 4.19″ square replacement shower drains which are made to fit Oateys’ 42237 & 42238.

If you think you have this style of the drain system, but aren’t sure feel free to email us a picture of your drain along with your contact number so that we can help you get the right size and perfect replacement for your shower drain.