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Kohler round kit

On this page, you will find FULL shower drain installation kits that can be used for your shower remodel or new construction. These kits will use Kohler’s K-9135 PVC drain body rough-in. Whether you love clean lines, modern décor, and high style, or opt for scenes of nature with a more rustic appeal, we have something that is remarkably you. They are a perfect addition that adds the final touch to your shower remodel or new construction.
These shower drain kits include 1. Designer Drain – 1. Hair Catcher – 1. Kohler K-9135 Drain Throat – 1. PVC Drain Rough.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at (888)957-3944 or

Please note that these decorative shower drains are created exclusively by Designer Drains to fit the Kohler-K9135 drain bodies and are not affiliated with Kohler in any way.