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Square Shower Drain Cover

Square Shower Drain, Sea Horse Square Drain, Designer Drains Schluter installed

Square Shower Drain Cover The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Square Shower Drain for Your Bathroom Renovation Looking for the perfect square shower drain for your bathroom renovation? Our ultimate guide has you covered! Discover how to choose the ideal drain to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Explore various designs, materials, finishes, and installation […]

Are Designer Drains Easy to Install?

Geometric No. 7 Schluter Matte Black Install 2 Designer Drains.

Are Designer Drains Easy to Install? Your Comprehensive Guide In the world of home improvement, the often-overlooked hero is the drainage system. Ensuring efficient water flow is crucial, and one way to elevate both functionality and aesthetics is by incorporating designer drains into your space. In this article, we’ll delve into the benefits of these […]

Are Shower Drains Universal


In the realm of bathroom design, the often-overlooked shower drain plays a pivotal role. As homeowners embark on renovations or construct new spaces, the question arises: Are Shower Drains Universal? Let’s unravel the complexities of shower plumbing, exploring the diverse world of shower drains. The Crucial Role of Shower Drains Understanding the significance of shower […]

Shower Drain Covers – Add Bling to Custom Showers


Shower drain covers can be fugly –  add Blink to Custom Showers.   Yes, I typed fugly. Custom showers deserve awesome shower drains for those who are interested in or have trough drain showers. Something that speaks to the style of the homeowner. But where do you find these drain covers? And will they fit […]

Billion Dollar Buyer : Features Designer Drains

                                             What a memorable night! Billion Dollar Buyer: Designer Drains Thinks Outside of the Box, Accepts $90,000 Offer from Tilman Fertitta Erica Abbott – November 23, 2016 “In the season two premiere of “Billion […]