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Season 2 Episode 1: Scale Up or Give Up.

We are put to the challenge when Tillman Fertita shows up at our showroom and wants his new hotel outfitted with his very own custom linear drains. Watch this quick 90-second recap.

How To Measure Your Drain.

Terri Musser

“Opened the package and just smiled and smiled. Same for my husband. And our remodel contractors. Even the roofer, who is not even working in the bathroom!”

Terri Musser / Musser.org
Eric Kugler

Great looking cover. They even custom-resized it for me with no problem. Super fast service!

Eric Kugler / winstonstaffing.com
Round Shower Drains - Home Square Round Drains -Designer-Drains Replacement Shower Drains
Square Drains Starfish Designer Drains Home
kitchen sink stopper
3.25 Inch Round Shower Drain Replacement - Designer Drains Sea Horse Install
Our Story

Since 2009, Designer Drains has been improving the level of luxurious living among our customers by providing beautifully crafted products for the home. Our company is leading the way in our industry’s design, innovation, and craftsmanship. Designer Drains has built a name for quality products manufactured in the U.S.A. with precise attention to detail and styles you will not find anywhere else. Our product offering spans multiple price points, and we offer our consumers various options for every home bathroom remodel.

3.25 inch mandala shower drain

Designer Drains™ was born out of the need for something different. While remodeling his home, the founder of Designer Drains was dissatisfied with the drab options he was presented with for his bathroom remodel. He searched for the perfect fit for his architectural vision, but there was nothing. So, being an artist and inventor allowed him to create something that he would love for his newly refurbished space.

As time passed, family, friends, and others who stopped by his home saw the drains he created for his home and loved them. Eventually, there was enough buzz for him to want to start making these drains commercially. Since 2009, Designer Drains has provided homeowners with stunning art and innovation to complete their luxury bathrooms.