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Are you tired of those generic, uninspiring shower drain covers? Then look no further! In this ultimate guide, we will help you choose the perfect Ebbe shower drain cover that adds both functionality and style to your bathroom.

With countless options available on the market, finding the right shower drain cover can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve done the research for you and compiled all the essential information you need to make an informed decision.

Whether you’re renovating your bathroom or simply want to upgrade your shower, the Ebbe shower drain covers are the epitome of elegance and durability. The brand offers a wide range of designs and finishes to complement any bathroom décor, from classic to contemporary.

Not only are Ebbe shower drain covers aesthetically appealing, but they are also engineered for optimal water flow and easy maintenance. Made with high-quality materials, these covers are built to last, ensuring longevity and functionality.

Say goodbye to boring, subpar shower drain covers, and say hello to a remarkable addition to your bathroom. Let’s dive into this ultimate guide and discover the perfect Ebbe shower drain cover that will enhance both the look and performance of your shower space.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Ebbe Shower Drain Cover

Designer Drains offers a line of replacement shower drain covers for EBBE that has gained popularity with interior designers. These beautiful drain covers serve as the perfect complement to any bathroom décor and theme. Our drains add a luxurious finish to your shower that other drain covers cannot match.

Our Designer Drains are made from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring they will never rust, tarnish, or fade over time. They can also hold over 1,000 pounds, making them durable and reliable. Plus, they are easy to install and maintain, making them a top choice for homeowners and professionals alike.

Our EBBE replacement drain covers are available in several finishes, including polished and brushed stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, polished brass, and brushed brass. This range of finishes makes it easy to find a drain cover that will perfectly complement your shower and match your personal style.

We stand behind the quality of our products with a limited lifetime warranty, ensuring that you can trust Designer Drains to provide you with the best replacement shower drain covers on the market.


Designer Drains - Ebbe Square Shower Drain Replacements.

Our Unique Designer Drains are specified by interior designs and architects worldwide. Our beautiful Designer Drains are shower drain covers that tie in your bathrooms décor, theme and bring an attention to detail that give your shower a luxurious finish that is not found in any other shower drains. Designer Drains are easy to install & maintain, because they are made of stainless steel they will never rust, tarnish or fade and can hold over 1,000 pounds and are backed by our Lifetime Warranty. Designer Drains are available in the following finishes polished & brushed stainless steel, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, brushed brass and Matte Black
Our Designer Drains replacement drains are made to fit EBBE's square drain body rough in. Designer Drains square shower drain made from 304 Stainless Steel in the USA. On this page you can select and purchase a full shower drain kits or just a square drain which can be used for showers or outdoor applications.
In addition our decorative drain replacements will work for shower remodels, new construction or retrofit to your existing shower drain. If you can't find the correct size to replace your shower drain cover? Visit our How To Order Page.  Email. or Call us at 909-285-9277.