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Kitchen Sink Stoppers

Sink Stoppers add a decorative flare to your kitchen sink. Our Kitchen sink stoppers are made of stainless steel to ensure lifetime use in your kitchen. With over 10 designs to choose from you will find a kitchen sink stopper that suits your decor needs and gives appeal to your sink.

Why go through the challenging, albeit exciting, task of renovating your kitchen, just to then settle for
the basic kitchen sink drains you’re presented with at the big box stores? Why limit the beauty of your
new sink? Here at Designer Drains, we create essentially kitchen sink jewelry in our collection of
decorative drain covers. These are available to fit most of the leading name plumbing fixtures and have
a variety of different designs; one is sure to bring that lovely added touch to your beautiful new kitchen.
Not only are our decorative drain covers pleasing to look at, but they also serve a safety function. Often,
things fall down your kitchen drain, and either you must retrieve them by hand or they may be stuck in
the disposal after a run. With our covers for kitchen sink drains, you can rest assured that errant items
will no longer drop into the disposal, and you can also protect little fingers that may be trying to get it