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This is the Page you need only if you require the hardware and plumbing that sits below the decorative round or square Designer Drain. Basically its the middle part that connects the pipe made from either PVC, ABS, or cast iron, to the actual drain witch you see when taking a shower.

If you have white plastic for plumbing or grey you have PVC and need a PVC drain rough.

If you have black plastic for plumbing you have ABS and need a ABS drain rough.

If cast iron is the pipe under your floor and are doing Hot Mop you will need a cast iron rough in.

There are many variations in between all the above and if for any reason require more assistance please call us anytime. 909-285-9277

Drain Bodies / Rough-Ins

Oatey Crown Ring


Newport Brass Drain Rough

EBBE E4400 Square Drain Riser


Drain Bodies / Rough-Ins

3″ NDS Drain Rough


Drain Bodies / Rough-Ins

Cast Iron Drain Body and Throat


Kohler Round Drains - Classic

Kohler K-9135 Round Design Tile-In, Rough-In


Drain Bodies / Rough-Ins

Sioux Chief 821-200A/2APK