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Designer Shower Drain Replacements
How to measure Designer Drains Replacements for Square Kohler Drains

On this page you will find replacements for Kohler’s K-9136 drain body rough in. Whether you love clean lines, modern décor, and high style, or opt for scenes of nature with a more rustic appeal, we have something that is remarkably you. Shop the with us for your Designer Drains shower drain replacement for Kohler here, contact us for further assistance or call us at 909-285-9277.

Please note that these decorative shower drains are created exclusively by Designer Drains to fit Kohler-K9136 drain body and ARE NOT AFFILIATED with Kohler in any way.

Our decorative shower drain replacements are made in the USA, beautifully crafted, and refined by hand to suit virtually any bathroom décor that leaves no detail unattended.