Discover Designer Drains 3.25 inch decorative shower drain cover replacements that are sure to fit your shower décor.
Designer Drains is proudly made and hand refined in the USA and is not affiliated with any brand/company listed on our website.

Our shower floor drains are available to replace any brand of this size. With over 50 designs available, these 3.25″ round shower floor drains are sure to bring beauty & replace the eye sore of existing drain covers. Bring character and elegance to your shower with our Designer Drains decorative shower drain replacements. They are available in brass, stainless steel, and even copper materials.

This size of Designer Drains are made for Oatey Drain Cover 151 series, AB&A 5000 series drains, BrassTech 231/15S, Mountain Plumbing ProductsMT231, Frank Pattern 20SD, and Sioux Chief 821-2iNS.

They may fit other drain manufacturers not mentioned here, the most important information is the Outside Diameter, and the dimension between fastening holes. If you are not certain, please feel free to email or call us at 909-957-3944.