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3.25 Inch Shower Floor Drain

Geometric Round Drain Design

When you are remodeling your bathroom, don’t think you have to settle for the generic round drain covers you find in the big box stores. You can browse our line of Geometric Designer Drains. These gorgeous round shower drains are perfect for those who are in the process of crafting a contemporary bathroom.

Geometric Drain Design Collection

In the Geometric collection, you’ll find round drain covers that feature a variety of traditional shapes with clean lines and distinctive patterns. You may love the Atom Rings design, with the more modern, rounded shapes, or perhaps you prefer the Triangles design for a super sleek look.

These round drain covers are sized for: Oatey 151 series, AB & A 5000 series, BrassTech 231/15S, Mountain Plumbing Products MT231, Frank Pattern 20SD, and Sioux Chief 821-2iNS. Designer Drains may fit other manufacturers not specifically mentioned; use the outside diameter measurements and space between fastening holes to determine if this size is right. Don’t hesitate to call us at 909-285-9277 and ask us if you’re unsure!