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Designer Drains is a leading provider of custom round and square shower floor drains for the simplest, satisfactory home improvement. Find your Finishing touch with us. Throughout history, individuals have innovatively fashioned everyday items for their homes, consistently venturing beyond conventional boundaries and rejecting the mere acceptance of the readily available. An exemplary illustration of this creative approach is the drain cover, typically regarded as a utilitarian component. Nevertheless, Designer Drains has revolutionized this perception by meticulously crafting shower drains that fulfill their functional purpose and introduce an element of opulence and sophistication to any bathroom.

Peter founded Designer Drains when he remodeled his home and found the available bathroom options dull. As an artist and inventor, he created something that met his high standards and improved the luxury level in his home. Consequently, Designer Drains continues to lead the way in design, innovation, and craftsmanship in interior design, home building, and hospitality design.

Boasting an impressive repertoire of over 50 designs, Designer Drains offers a diverse array of shower drain grates, making it an extensive selection for enhancing any bathroom remodel. Whether your aesthetic inclination leans towards the timeless or the modern, rest assured that a meticulously crafted drain cover awaits, perfectly tailored to complement the distinctive style of your bathroom. Why settle for a commonplace drain cover when you can indulge in the exquisite craftsmanship bound to elicit envy from your neighbors? Elevate the ambiance of your bathroom by opting for Designer Drains—an endeavor that propels you into a new echelon of luxury. Furthermore, it’s noteworthy that all our products proudly bear the label “Made in the USA.”

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Introducing our exclusive range of decorative shower drain covers, meticulously crafted from reclaimed 304 Stainless Steel. These covers are a testament to durability, promising an everlasting shield against rust, fading, or tarnishing. Beyond quality assurance, our commitment to using reclaimed stainless steel embodies our dedication to nurturing the environment one shower at a time.

Our collection boasts an array of finishes, from the sleek polish and brushed textures to the rich tones of satin brass, copper, chrome, nickel, and even naturally weathered finishes. This diverse palette lets you handpick the perfect complement for your bathroom’s aesthetic.

Not limited to indoor showers, our decorative drain covers extend their grace to outdoor applications, enabling a swift, effortless, and stunning DIY shower remodel. Explore our myriad finishes by clicking here and witnessing each design’s elegance.

Diversity is key, which is why our range extends beyond stainless steel. Delve into various materials, including bronze, steel, brass, copper, and stone, ensuring a spectrum of options seamlessly merging with your unique decor style.

Our location is in beautiful Southern California. Our operating hours are from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pacific time.

We understand that determining the correct grate dimensions for your shower can be challenging.

We encourage you to call us at 909-285-9277 with any questions or concerns. We are delighted to assist you in selecting the perfect style and size. Understanding the chaos and stress often accompanying remodeling projects, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

With Designer Drains, we strive to simplify Architectural Drainage Solutions, making the process straightforward and accessible to luxe low-profile shower drains.