“In Honor of Inky’s Daring Escape: Octopuses Around the House”

 – April 15, 2016

The slippery New Zealand sea creature has the internet abuzz, but an octopus as a conversation starter is nothing new to designers.

By now you may have read about Inky the Octopus, a crafty creature who probably could have escaped from Alcatraz with ease. In honor of Inky’s jailbreak from New Zealand’s National Aquarium — he climbed out of his tank and slid across the floor into a small drain hole leading to the sea — we’re taking a look at how these incredible creatures star in home design.
Source: HOUZZ

Architecture in the Home

The Architecture Series is one of our most culturally inspired series , our designer Peter here at Designer Drains was heavily influenced by Andalusian and Spanish architecture when creating this collection of decorative drain covers. And for good reason! Have you seen some of these beautifully intricate structures?!

I often ask our designer where he got his inspiration for each series and Architecture Series is, hands down, our most culturally influenced collection of drains. After seeing a couple pictures of Andalusian and Spanish architecture, it’s easy to see why Peter was so enthralled! I highly recommend our beautiful Architecture Series in bronze or oil rubbed bronze to get the full effect. Seen below are our gorgeous golden California faucets and oatey shower drain covers.

IMG_4157_edited IMG_4158_edited



Although, you can never go wrong with our classic stainless steel decorative drains~!


Some may find these traditional designs a bit busy for some homes, but with the right eye for design you can easily turn your home into a Andalusian paradise! Check these beautiful homes out!





































You can find more Architectural homes and Andalusian inspired decor on our Pinterest! Make your home a getaway!