DWELL on Design 2016 – Thank You!

From the moment the doors opened on Friday morning to the last moments on Sunday afternoon at the DWELL on Design show in the Los Angeles convention center. It was sincerely a pleasure to meet and introduce you to our decorative shower drain replacements. The amazement in your eyes and the positive energy we felt this weekend, definitely rejuvenated us every day walking into the convention center and reminded us why we do, what we do here. We truly appreciate the warm compliments, positive reactions and the overall appreciation you offered. Thank you to all the designers, homeowners and architects that came by and reinforced what a great quality product we offer.


How to Install a Designer Drains Hair Catcher

Hello everyone!

Here at Designer Drains we often get asked the question, “What’s a hair catcher and how do I put one into my shower drain?” Well, we have a video that will answer most, if not all of your questions in 5 easy steps.

  1. Unscrew– the screws that attach your Designer Drains decorative shower cover to the drain body.
  2. Remove– your Designer Drains cover with care making sure that you don’t damage or scratch it. (ask about purchasing our specially made removal/ installation tool featured in the video)
  3. Insert– your Designer Drains hair catcher carefully.
  4. Replace– your Designer Drains decorative cover. (again, be sure not to damage or scratch it)
  5. Screw– your Designer Drains decorative cover back in place on your drain body and you’re done! (Remove any fingerprints left using a soft microfiber cloth.)

If you have any questions, you can always contact us at any time.

For The Steampunk Lovers

Brand new obsession.


Industrial style has been inspiring artists, home decor and fashion designers for ages. Much like Rococo (the soft, pastel Marie Antoinette inspired fashion from 18th century France) Industrial seems to make a come back every couple of years from the runway to interior design. And for good reason! Industrial is a unique, complex genre that anyone would look twice at. In fact, a subculture sprouted from the popular look called Steampunk. And if you’ve never heard of it, you’ve definitely seen it. Steampunk for many can be a lifestyle, composed of industrial, Victorian fashion and gears, gears, gears!

One of my favorite things about Industrial style is it’s fairly “genderless” in it’s entirety! Surely no styles have a gender, but some men may not be too fond of a pastel pink bedroom and I know a few ladies who may not appreciate a superhero themed living quarter (although I’d LOVE a Captain American themed kitchen) but everyone can find beauty in the neutral colors and rustic quality of Industrial.

And best of all, though some industrial furniture and artwork can be pricey, there’s a great amount of DIY possibilities for you to make all on your own! Plywood and some rusty pipes can make an incredible steampunk inspired shelf. Clocks, gears, and old timey maps can give your home a seasoned traveler feel.

When I say Steampunk is a lifestyle, I mean it! From clothing to decor, your entire life could revolve around industrial if you wanted! Some of my favorite designers have had entire runway shows completely based on Steampunk-victorian style.

Christian Dior; Fall 2010





Dolce and Gabbana Fall 2006


Dolce & Gabbana at Milan Fall 2006 DG


Such interesting and unique designs and creations have come from Steampunk influence. Movies, Entertainment and even music can sometimes take an industrial twist. Movies like the Wild Wild West and bands like Steam Powered Giraffe use cool industrial inspired looked to add to their appeal. Here’s an awesome music video from one of the first Steampunk inspired bands I ever heard of! Watch how they move and talk like robots. Everything about Industrial is rustic, dark colored and old fashioned while still being captivating and new. Organic but inanimate! I was hooked on Steam Powered Giraffe after I first saw this video.

Clothes, movies, music. And of course home decor! Whether you’re a die hard Steampunk fan or just slightly intrigued by industrial style, taking your home to the next level could definitely mean taking a little Steampunk influence. Take some of these fun appliances for example! (I’ll post any sites I find that sell industrial decor under the photos, in case you’d rather not get your hands dirty)


You can buy this great shelf/toilet paper holder here.





Though the idea of a fully realized conceptional room completely based on steampunk decor is extravagant to me. Maybe an entire industrial home is a bit much for some, but even just one room out of your house will turn major heads. Take these for example.





That bathroom is godly! I am obsessed with decorative pipes and gears. So you’ve just went all out on your new industrial style bathroom and that old shower drain is bringing down your Steampunk vibes. Well I’ve got just the decorative drain cover for you! Sprockets is a cool, rustic, gear designed drain that’s the perfect touch to your industrial bathroom or kitchen! And it comes in oil rubbed bronze~







4 Products That Will Change Your Life

Is Apple the only company producing great products?

The answer to that question is a resounding, No! Now, were not exactly sure that these products will “change your life,” but these are some pretty cool products. Some of the products featured  here you may have seen before and some you may not have seen. We have scoured the internet to find awesome products to introduce to our readers because we love awesome products. Why? Because we manufacture awesome products and we know what  to look for.

Here at Designer Drains we love new and innovative products that can really get a conversation started. It’s always about the questions such as; “Where did you find that?” or “Wow, how much was that?” The products here will not fail to start up a conversation at your next meeting, party or family gathering.


Check out some of the awesome products that we found below.

#1 Sonte Digital Shade

Sonte Digital Shade

The Sonte Digital is a really great invention. It could possibly take away the need for those pesky blinds that are sometimes hard to pull back down after you retracted them to get some sunlight inside your home. The Sonte Film is designed to be user friendly and cost effective.  It has a self-adhesive cling layer on one side (peel and stick) which can be cut to any size and fit any existing windows and you can do the install yourself. Once the Film has been applied  all you need to do is connect the Wi-Fi enabled transformer to the film and turn on the power source.

So the installation procedure is:

  1. Measure and cut.
  2. Peel and stick.
  3. Plug and play.

This product really shows some promise and we can’t wait to see how it does in the years to come. We could all be using this product in our homes soon.

#2 Double Telepresence Robot

Double Telepresence Robot

Who wants to be at work when they’re not at work? Nobody, but this little gadget is for the true workaholics. the Double Telepresence Robot will allow anyone to come to work even when they wouldn’t normally be able (or even want to) make it.

#3 Alienware Alpha

Alienware Alpha

This is not your ordinary gaming console. It combines the freedom of PC gaming with the ease of a  one of your traditional consoles such as the Xbox One or PS4. The exclusive Alienware-developed user interface allows you to navigate all of Alpha’s core functions with the included Xbox 360 controller (no mouse or keyboard needed). Using the power of Steam Big Picture, the global online community for downloading and playing games, you can have very quick and easy access to tons of your favorite Steam games, and other entertainment, all on your big screen TV. This masterpiece was really worth mentioning.

#4 Roburn Cabinet With TV

Roburn Cabinet with Built-in TV

Now, this is the last product on our list, but it’s certainly not the least. This beautifully crafted bathroom medicine cabinet comes with a built-in TV and MP3 player hook-ups as well. Whether you’re watching the news while you’re brushing your teeth, or you’re trying not to miss any part of the game during those bathroom breaks, this is the product for you.

These products and images were found on the following websites: