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National Tile Contractors Association Features Designer Drains in Tech Issue

National Tile Contractors Association Features Designer Drains in Tech Issue This year’s technological products and trends report from the National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) featured our Designer Drains under the “Shower Systems Products.” Read the article below. Designer Drains are “Jewelry For Your Shower” unique decorative replacement shower drains made in the USA from reclaimed […]

2016 World Interior of the Year in Marble Powder

 Amazing interior done in marble powder by Weng Shang Wei Marble powder creates “seamless” finish for World Interior of the Year 2016 Ben Hobson | 16 December 2016Leave a comment In this exclusive movie, designer Weng Shang Wei explains how he achieved the deep, uniform shade of black inside the Hangzhou fashion store that was named […]

3 Simple Steps to Protect Your Wood this Winter Season

3 Simple Steps to Protect Your Wood this Winter Season. 3 Ways to Waterproof Wood That natural beauty demands protection! Choose the products and techniques that work best with your wood. By Glenda Taylor Photo: Some of the most delightful furniture, cabinetry, and trim work are crafted from wood, the world’s oldest and best-loved […]

Ice hotel opens in Swedish Lapland

 I’ll take extra covers and pillows, please! How Awesome?! World’s first year-round Icehotel opens in Swedish Lapland Alice Morby | 7 December 20167 comments Twenty-themed suites, a frozen art gallery, and an ice staircase are features in Icehotel‘s first permanent lodgings, which have now been unveiled in Sweden. The Icehotel 365 is located on the […]

10 Architecture trends of 2016 according to Dezeen

architecture trends 2016

Whats your favorite trend for 2016? Dezeen’s 10 biggest architecture trends of 2016 Jessica Mairs | 20 December 2016 1 comment Next up in our review of the year, architecture editor Jessica Mairs selects the 10 architecture trends that defined 2016, from the resurgence of minimalism to the next generation of prefabs and the advent […]

Granite Counters and the thoughts behind the investment.

Thinking about granite counters for your home? Read this. 3 Things to Know Before You Invest in Granite Counters Durable and beautiful granite countertops bring a touch of elegance to a hardworking kitchen. Learn more about this luxurious material and whether it’s the right choice for your kitchen. By Donna Boyle Schwartz Photo: As […]