Three Awesome DIY Bathroom Enhancement Tips

There are a lot of ways that you can create a more beautiful and functional bathroom in your home. We have come up with a list of tips that will not only make your bathroom look great, but these tips will also make you feel great because you can do them all yourself.

Check out our DIY tips and let us know what you think. Did you try one or all of the tips listed here? Let send us a picture or two and let us know how it turned out.


Tip 1: Reclaim your old fixtures

  • Give your old scratched or stained faucets and handles an extended life by refinishing them. Refinishing your fixtures not only saves you money, but it also helps save the environment.

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Tip 2: Add a special touch to your lighting

  • Creating modern lighting Fixtures by recycling items found around the house. You can turn things such as coffee can and old paint cans into beautiful, one of a kind lighting fixtures.

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Tip 3: Create more storage

  • Adding more storage to your bathroom can make your space feel roomier and it can help keep you organized. Being more organized in the bathroom can help you save time while getting ready for your busy days.

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If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to share them with us! Also If you like our tips on how to create a more beautiful bathroom leave us a comment below and subscribe to our blog.

Featured in Zieba Builders “Our Favorites from the Dwell on Design in Los Angeles”

on July 20, 2016

“What fun it was to check out the fabulous Dwell on Design in Los Angeles last month, one of the largest design events on the West Coast. Featured were the latest home furnishings, products, innovative technologies, and more. Here is what the Zieba team encountered, loved, and coveted…”

“These hand-crafted Fireclay Tiles can be a definite wow-factor in your kitchen or bathroom. Designed and produced in San Francisco, they can easily be customized for each client. From earthy southwestern styles to retro 70’s mod, you will find a pattern that speaks to you. We especially like the idea of using these on the floor or staircase to liven-up a room. Fireclay Tiles sells directly, meaning quicker delivery times and easier dealings- that’s music to our ears!”

“Faucet fantastic! With so many unique, modern, and classic faucets to choose from, it is hard to choose one Brizo design as our favorite. Perhaps the modern trio in the top middle window (the Vuelo design), or classic look of the old school Pot Filler to your bottom right.”

“Faucet browsing has never been so fun with this Andy Warhol-inspired backdrop. Franz Viegener’s designs are modern, stylish, and sleek adding a little extra class to your home.”

“Designer Drains are jewelry for your shower. We love this idea of getting down to the detail by adding an extra special touch in an unexpected place – especially one where you spend so much time. Designer Drains had a beautiful display of customizable drain options that have us dreaming of drains daily.

We always enjoy seeing what Dwell has to offer and can’t wait for the next event! If you are inspired by any of the pieces featured here and want to incorporate some or all in to your next home remodel, call Zieba Builders Inc. today at (562) 439-5294. Let’s get started on your design.”

Top 5 Bathroom fixtures and Accessories for your home in 2017

There are tons of beautiful bathroom fixtures and accessories that are on the market. All of those companies are competing for your attention and your business but, you don’t want junk in your bathroom. You want quality, beauty and longevity. Why would you buy a low quality product for your home if you know you’re going to have to replace it in a few months or even a few years?

Here we have compiled a list of 5 products that we think others might enjoy for their homes for the next year and beyond. Please keep in mind that although we don’t have any affiliation with these products, we show them because we think that they are awesome products for others to look at and become inspired by.

So, even if you don’t buy any of these particular products, we can at least spark that creative idea in your mind of how you can beautify your home.




  1. Wooden bathtub by: Unique Wood Design

-This wooden bathtub is pretty cool and most homes don’t usually equip wooden fixtures in the bathroom, which is why we think that this product is pretty cool. It’s a refreshing spin on an old classic.




  1. Natural Stone Bathtub by: Stone Forest

-This Stone bathtub is another beautiful fixture that you wouldn’t see in the average home. Feel free to check out their cool products and be inspired.



  1. Tear-Off Wallpaper by: Znak

-This is a pretty cool idea for home décor. This wallpaper can go anywhere, not in just your bathroom but, this product would add some pizazz to your bathroom remodel.



  1. QlockTwo by Biegert & Funk

-This is a modern clock design that you can use for your bathroom, or any other room in your home.



  1. Moda Toilet by Maestro Bath

-This Toilet is a really interesting and modern take on something we use every day.



This concludes our list of top bathroom products for 2017. Do you have any product suggestions? Do you like our suggestions or want to see more? Leave your comments below.