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Three Awesome DIY Bathroom Enhancement Tips

There are a lot of ways that you can create a more beautiful and functional bathroom in your home. We have come up with a list of tips that will not only make your bathroom look great, but these tips will also make you feel great because you can do them all yourself. Check out […]

Featured in Zieba Builders “Our Favorites from the Dwell on Design in Los Angeles”

Karen Zieba on July 20, 2016 “What fun it was to check out the fabulous Dwell on Design in Los Angeles last month, one of the largest design events on the West Coast. Featured were the latest home furnishings, products, innovative technologies, and more. Here is what the Zieba team encountered, loved, and coveted…” “These […]

Top 5 Bathroom fixtures and Accessories for your home in 2017

UWD-Photo-001 sink bowl

Bathroom fixtures and Accessories for your home in 2017 There are tons of beautiful bathroom fixtures and accessories that are on the market. All those companies compete for your attention and your business, but you don’t want junk in your bathroom. You want quality, beauty, and longevity. Why would you buy a low-quality product for […]