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Complete The Look: Accessorizing Your Bathroom With The Smallest Details

Accessorizing Your Bathroom With The Smallest Details How do you want your bathroom to feel? Do you want to be able to go into your bathroom and feel totally relaxed and at peace? Do you want to see things that inspire you to make your day right? Well, If your answers to those questions were […]

6 Tips for a comfortable Bathroom in 2017

6 Tips for a Comfortable Bathroom in 2017 People do not think about making their bathroom a relaxing and warm room. When you become a homeowner, you first think about purchasing a new queen-size mattress and making your bedroom as comfortable as possible. However, more recently, homeowners have been thinking about how to make their […]

Three Awesome DIY Bathroom Enhancement Tips

There are a lot of ways that you can create a more beautiful and functional bathroom in your home. We have come up with a list of tips that will not only make your bathroom look great, but these tips will also make you feel great because you can do them all yourself. Check out […]

Top 5 Bathroom fixtures and Accessories for your home in 2017

UWD-Photo-001 sink bowl

Bathroom fixtures and Accessories for your home in 2017 There are tons of beautiful bathroom fixtures and accessories that are on the market. All those companies compete for your attention and your business, but you don’t want junk in your bathroom. You want quality, beauty, and longevity. Why would you buy a low-quality product for […]

For The Steampunk Lovers

Brand new obsession. INDUSTRIAL. Industrial style has been inspiring artists, home decor, and fashion designers for ages. Much like Rococo (the soft, pastel Marie Antoinette-inspired fashion from 18th century France), Industrial seems to make a comeback every couple of years from the runway to interior design. And for good reason! Industrial is a unique, complex […]

Making Waves

square shower drain Waves design

If you’ve been keeping up with our blogs, and I know you have because you’re awesome, you know that our Oceanus Series is one of our most popular collections! Everyone loves the beach, and anything beach related. The seaside is one of the most relaxing places one can imagine. The smell of salt, the warm […]

Out of This World! Atomic Rings and Outer Space

Were you one of those kids who laid awake at night imagining becoming an astronaut? Exploring the galaxy in your head as you stared out of your bedroom window? ……….Maybe not, but I have always loved a starry sky and a big full moon on a warm summer’s night. My dream has always been a […]

Architecture in the Home

Designer Drains – Architectural Series The Architecture Series is one of our most culturally inspired series. Our designer, Peter, here at Designer Drains, was heavily influenced by Andalusian and Spanish architecture when creating this collection of decorative drain covers—and for a good reason! Have you seen some of these beautifully intricate structures?! I often ask […]

Geometric Homes

There’s something so satisfying about straight lines and 90-degree angles, isn’t there? Any painters reading? We all know the paint tape trick to keep lines clean and smooth. But why not use your artsy DIY skills on your walls! Check out this super fun paint project from Scrapbooking.com~! And here are some awesome ways you […]

Nature Walk

City Chic in Nature’s Embrace: Inspiring Bathrooms and Kitchens for the Urban Explorer If you’re anything like me, you know there’s nothing more relaxing than a calming walk through nature…Maybe I’m lying; I’m not exactly the woodsy type. Not that I’m against a fun hike or a camping trip, but bugs and critters aren’t exactly […]

For The Art Connoisseur


  Any home decor enthusiast knows that with the right touch, your bathroom can be a work of art. It’s a difficult concept for some, but not for you! You know that a well-decorated and enjoyable (or otherwise) lavatory can make or break a home. So maybe your tastes are a little more sophisticated than […]

Everyday is a Day at the Beach

Transform Your Bathroom into a Beachside Oasis Looking for a beautiful beach getaway but can’t seem to step out of your home office? I get it; times are hard. Embrace ‘You-Time’ in Your Sanctuary People are busy and, frankly, overworked. And sometimes, the longest break a lot of us get is a nice hot shower […]