Green Genius’ Build Store of Cardboard Cylinders

Aesop, a popular skin care company, has just unveiled a new store completely built with repurposed cylindrical cardboard tubes. This storefront design is a drastic change from other storefronts that you may have encountered everyday. Usually, stores are filled to the brim with tons products, advertising materials and other things that are in place to “help” you buy what they are selling. They are so filled and cluttered that they don’t give the customer a chance to rest their eyes from the mass of product offerings. Aesop, on the other hand does an incredible job of displaying their products in a way that doesn’t overpower the customer.

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Their use of these six-inch cylindrical cardboard tubes has made very clever use of an item that most wouldn’t think twice about using. This just goes to show what can be achieved by using your imagination. Here at Designer Drains we are very interested in innovation and finding different ways to create something new. Let us know what you think of this article by leaving a comment below.

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Source: Green Genius’ Build Store of Cardboard Cylinders

IKEA kitchen made from recycled plastic bottles created by Form Us With Love

Reclaimed wood and plastic bottles never looked so good!

Twenty-five plastic bottles are used in each of these IKEA kitchen units, designed by Swedish studio Form Us With Love to make “sustainability available for everyone”.The Kungsbacka units are IKEA‘s first kitchen cabinets to be made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed industrial wood.

“A plastic bottle is not waste; it is a resource,” said Jonas Pettersson, Form Us With Love CEO. “Most importantly, this kitchen proves that these materials can be used for household goods in large-scale production.”

“We have to challenge the excuses for not using waste as a resource by showing how to best put these materials back into production, making affordable democratic products that will last.”

The kitchen’s main structure is formed from reclaimed wood, while the coating is made from plastic bottles. The studio opted for a simple silhouette in a matt grey to create a “timeless” design.

Shiny black Hackås handles contrast with the cupboards’ matt surface, and as with most IKEA kitchens, the cabinets are modular, so they can be arranged to fit any space.

“We wanted it to feel like a black T-shirt, tuned to fit right, practical and still precious,” said John Löfgren, creative director at Form Us With Love.

With sustainable products often expensive to produce because of the extensive research and development required, the two companies had to work together to come up with production methods that would make the kitchen a “viable alternative” to those currently on the market.

The company expects it to last for 25 years.

“Today, applying waste materials in production is unfortunately still costly and the Kungsbacka kitchen fronts could have easily ended up too expensive,” said Anna Granath, product developer at IKEA.

“Overcoming the price was a milestone in the development. Sustainability should be for everyone, not only for those who can afford it,” she continued.

IKEA recently emerged as the most popular design brand on Dezeen Hot List, ahead of both Apple and Nike.

The company is introducing more sustainable furniture into its catalogue, and last year announced that its PS 2017 collection includes “no waste” products made from recycled materials.

Photography is by Jonas Lindström




Form Us With Love creates IKEA kitchen from recycled plastic bottles.

Source: Form Us With Love creates IKEA kitchen from recycled plastic bottles

6 Tips for a comfortable Bathroom in 2017

People do not think to make their bathroom a relxaing and warm room. When you become a homeowner, the first thing you think to do is purchase a new queen size mattress and making your bedroom as comfortable as possible. However, more recently homeowners have been thinking about how to make their bathroom a warm and relaxing room, especially warm when you step out of a nice hot shower into a room temperature or colder bathroom *shivers* getting tired of catching a cold as soon as you step out? A bathroom Heater is definitely needed. No longer do homeowners want “cold and artificial components” in bathrooms that look and feel “sterile and uninviting” says Joe Maykut, a product manager with Sears Home Services. Instead, Maykut predicts, this year’s remodelers are going to embrace “the visual warmth and tactile qualities” of natural, practical, long-lasting materials and incorporate them into designs that ooze “cozy comfort” and affordable luxury. Here at Designer Drains we believe that bathrooms should be a warm and inviting space where you can relax. This is why we have come up with a list of 6 tips to make your bathrooms more enjoyable.

1.) Bring in relaxing and comfortable furniture.


2.) Adorn the walls with beautiful artwork that oozes relaxation and comfort.

Modern Home with a View

3.) Use tranquil colors to create a relaxing feeling in the space.

Siroka Residence

4.) Use Beautiful and functional bathroom fixtures.

Beach Cottage

5.) Embrace open space

Minimal Beach Contemporary/Bruce Peeling Architect

6.) Enjoy!

Source: 6 Bathroom Trends Set to Dominate 2017

Industrial Steam Punk Around The House – Close Up Interior Design Details.

Leather Belts for Wine Racks? I’ll Take A Basement! 

Interior Design Details – Industrial Close Ups


Heavy materials, dark colors, and exposed construction elements all contribute to the distinct look and feel of the industrial style. To show you just what we mean, we’ve compiled a few examples of extreme close ups of pieces and details that are right at home in an industrial interior. Let’s take a look.


1. The steel rebar supports for the railing and the concrete of the actual steps give this staircase a modern, industrial look.

Cadaval & Solà-Morales designed this house in Mexico City. Photography by Miguel de Guzman.

2. Wheels on the bottom of large steel kitchen islands create an industrial look and makes it easier to reconfigure the kitchen should the mood strike.

Inspiration from an apartment designed by Cindy Bayon of Muratore Construction + Design, Photography by Scott Hargis.

3. These pendant lights hanging from a modern pulley system put a contemporary spin on the traditional rustic look of the older pulley systems.

Atelier I-N-D-J designed this restaurant featuring pendant lights on pulley systems. Photography by Seth Powers.

4. The dark color of the sliding door mechanism completes the industrial look in this shipping container home.

Studio H:T designed this shipping container home. Photography by Braden Gunem.

5. This small pendant light, made from a glass jar and a concrete top, brightens the space and contributes to an overall industrial vibe.

Inspiration from a house designed by Lendager Arkitekter. Photography by Jesper Ray.

6. Concrete steps and thin metal handrails give this staircase a simple, modern, industrial look.

Inspiration from a house in India designed by Matharoo Associates.

7. Dark metal, leather strips, and brass hardware make this wine rack the perfect modern industrial accent piece.

Arthur Umanoff designed this industrial wine rack. Available through 1stdibs.

8. The wheels on the bottoms of this sliding bookcase add an industrial touch to the modern piece of furniture.

Vincent Martinez designed the Literatura Open bookcase. Manufactured by Punt.

9. Light wood crates contrast the dark metal frame and pull tabs on this small industrial kitchen unit.

Frama designed this industrial office kitchen. Photography by Michael Falgren.

10. The clean look of this metal barn door hardware puts a modern spin on the traditional industrial look of sliding door hardware.

Aero Barn Door Hardware from Real Sliding Hardware

11. The dark, thin metal handle bolted to this light colored door creates a modern contrast made from industrial materials.

The Studio Pull from Rustica Hardware.

Curated from Contemporist

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