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Shower Niche by @texasdreamgarden
Shower Niche by @texasdreamgarden

Credit: @texasdreamgarden


The number of colors, patterns, and textures to choose from is endless. I knew I wanted to avoid picking a traditional all-white subway tile. I began to think about how I ever narrow down my choice to just one tile when I had multiple favorites (A whole list, to be exact). Ding, Ding, Ding! Shower Niches, how did it not occur to me from the beginning? I would not only be able to pick one of my favorite tiles for the shower itself, but the Shower Niche could contain a whole different pattern, style, or color.

Credit: @riverbrookconstruction

Shower Niche by @customflooringcentres

this Credit: @customflooringcenters

Two-Tone Shower Niches

As I began to dive deep into my research of shower niches, I came across various tile combinations. I found these two-tone shower niches with an immaculate, minimalist look. Who knew modern tile paired with a herringbone marble would be such a great pair?


Shower Niche by @susiefeia

Credit: @texasdreamgarden

Niche Trends

Credit: @susiefeia

Colored Tile Shower Niche

The room to customize the shower into your dream shower is even broader when accent tiles. Accent tiles can be used to give your shower that significant “WOW” factor. The colors pop against the overall shower tiles. With the hexagon-shaped accent tile paired with the stainless steel trim, there are no rules when it comes to remodeling your shower.

Credit: @jacksonandrewsbuilding

all Credit: @flipokc

Credit: @flipokc

Monochrome Shower Niche

Lastly, my absolute favorite style was these monochrome beauties. Black tile can be used in various ways, simply as a border or a custom layout within the niche. You cannot go wrong with timeless black and white. What a luxurious and modern feel. Let your creativity flow when deciding on colors and types of tiles. There is no wrong combination, so don’t be afraid! Customize your shower to your liking and make it your own personal oasis that you enjoy.

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