8 Design Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2018

Antibacterial Materials

Imagine a countertop that helps take care of that salmonella bacteria for you after preparing chicken for dinner. That’s the idea behind several materials presented at the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings (CERSAIE) in Italy back in September.

The new K-Life technology incorporated into Porcelanosa’s Krion solid surface not only is antibacterial but also eliminates chemicals that come into contact with it, as well as purifies the surrounding air.

How does it accomplish this? Through a process called photocatalysis, which uses a semiconductor in the surface to enhance a reaction to light, killing bacteria and breaking up pollutants.

Source – Houzz

Concrete Accents

Concrete has always been a popular material choice, but don’t be surprised to see it in more unexpected ways, such as in furniture, decorative accessories, wallcoverings, countertops, tile, and flooring. Look at Decorative Concrete Solutions, LLC – get more info to find out more about concrete flooring. My clients are expressing a desire to use materials in unusual ways,” says designer and Houzz Contributor Jennifer Ott. “Concrete is as popular as ever, but it’s showing up in unexpected places such as in furniture, decorative accessories, and even as concrete-look wallcoverings.”

Designer Yanic Simard agrees. “The humble material and its comforting cool tones mixed with light linen and pearl grays add relaxed air to any space,” he says.

And the concrete look is carried over into other materials as well. The stoneware tiles shown here (Beton Chic from Ricchetti’s Manifattura del Duca range) mimic the texture of concrete and come in a variety of colors.

Source – Houzz

Matte Black Finishes

Last year, satin brass made its takeover of kitchens. This year, look out for matte black in bathrooms as well as kitchens. Homeowners looking for a statement-making look that’s contemporary and complements a variety of materials and styles are embracing this tough, versatile finish. Companies like Moen, whose matte black finish is shown here, are expanding their products to include more options in the durable finish.

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Designer Drains

In your bathroom, your drain deserves a little luxury too. These stylish shower drains from Designer Drains make this often-overlooked element a true feature point. These drain covers are like jewelry for your shower, featuring unique patterns that range from contemporary to geometric to ornate. But there’s more to these decorative covers than meets the eye. These eco-friendly shower drains are made from reclaimed .060-inch thick 304 Stainless Steel, and their motto, “Assisting the environment, one shower at a time,” holds true. No plastic or PVC is used in manufacturing, which is done in the USA. Coordinate the finish with your faucets and hardware for a unified look in your bathroom. For more information, visit Designer Drains.

Source – Trendir

3.25 inch mandala shower drain
Greek Anthemion 4.25 Square Shower Drain by Designer Drains

Light Textured Flooring

“Red-toned woods are fading in popularity, along with tropical exotic species,” like Brazilian cherry or walnut, says Armstrong Flooring design manager Sara Babinski.

Instead, flooring trends are moving toward lighter color palettes in domestic American woods such as maple, pine, or hickory, she says.

Why? Light-hued woods—including natural tones and blond and whitewashed woods—brighten interior spaces and hide imperfections more easily, making them a great choice for families and households with pets. For extra credit, choose distressed or wire-brushed wood, which offers vintage appeal with a less aggressive look than a scraped floor, and choose 5-inch-wide planks, which create a sense of openness and interior space.

If you decide to stick with dark flooring, designers recommend that you pair it with light walls and white trim for contrast.”

-Source Realtor.com

Open Floor Plan Kitchens

Every time a bell rings, an interior wall gets knocked down. OK, maybe not that frequently but it seems like the open floor plan has dominated homes in recent years, and not all homeowners love it. And some are going the other way, seeking some sort of delineation of space, such as in the photo shown here. A half wall of cabinetry creates a semi-closed space between the kitchen and living room. Having a licensed air conditioning & plumbing services provider at hand can save you a lot of hassle if something were to break in the future.

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Fish-Scale Pattern Backsplash.

If you’ve grown bored of subway tile but still want something simple and classic, check out a scalloped or fish-scale pattern. The look offers more movement and a bit more interest than rectangular tile but is still versatile enough to work with almost any kitchen style. This is why people enjoy using a Stone apron kitchen sink with this style often.

Source – Houzz

Rich Colors In The Kitchen & Living Room

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