Backyard Ponds And Water Gardens Ideas for Your Landscape

Ponds and small water features can be added or built into your backyard by Landscape designers greensborough to create a more relaxing space and to help keep your yard cool during the hot summer months. Having a garden you are proud of can make all the difference to your home. Whether you decide to take on this challenge on your own, or request the help of professionals who have just recently implemented arborist resource management software amongst their business, as long as you are get the results you have in mind, that’s all that matters. To give you some inspiration, here are 8 examples of backyards with ponds and water gardens.

1. This modern backyard pond has a waterfall feature and large stepping stones that allow someone to walk over the pond and through to the rest of the garden.

Designed Huettl Landscape Architecture designed this backyard pond.

2. Custom weathered steel troughs create a unique water feature in this small backyard, and adds plant life to the space giving it a greener look.

Jobe Corral Architects designed this house in Austin, Texas. Photography by Casey Woods.

3. The koi pond at the back of this house runs the length of the glass walled hallway leading to the master bedroom inside.

Hufft Projects designed this modern house in Joplin, Missouri.

4. This minimalist rectangular pond leads out to a small pavilion at the back of the yard and enhances the feelings of relaxation when sitting under the shade.

This contemporary home is for sale near Denver, Colorado.

5. This small pond beside an outdoor lounge and fireplace adds a relaxing touch to the backyard and incorporates water dwelling plants to create a small water garden. There are plenty of pond plant suppliers to choose from so you’ll definitely find one with a plant you like.

Glen Irani Architects designed this modern house in Venice, California. Photography by Derek Rath.

6.This small pond with a water feature has a path that leads from the garden, over the pond and to the outdoor dining area.

Huettl Landscape Architecture designed this backyard pond.

7. A steel water feature is part of a small pond that wraps around two sides of the patio and adds to the overall feelings of relaxation experienced when spending time in the space.

John Davies Landscape designed this outdoor space.

8. The small rectangular pond in this modern backyard breaks up the concrete patio and creates a focal point within the area.

Architecture Paradigm designed this modern house in Bangalore, India. Photography by Anand Jaju.

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Source: 8 Landscaping Ideas For Backyard Ponds And Water Gardens | CONTEMPORIST

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