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Tame Your Closet with Hobby Lobby

If you are looking for an efficient way to organize your closet, look no further. My closet slowly started to become jungle-like. I say jungle-like because every time I entered, it was just chaos. Items would fall from the shelves, I would need to search to find items, and I was working with little space. I decided I had had enough, and the closet’s functionality was just not working. I took a hard glance at my closet and visualized how this space could be organized much more efficiently. Here is how I overcame my disastrous closet.

Where to Buy:

I began by stopping at Hobby Lobby and searching for more organizational inspiration. The great thing about Hobby Lobby is they have great deals weekly, but just in case you come across an item that is not on sale; they have a 40% off coupon. This coupon can be found here. I came across these photo boxes. They were priced at $6.99, but with the 40% off coupon, the price dropped to $4.20. They carry various designs, but the appearance of gold grasped my attention.

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In my closet, I have a Polaroid stored on the shelf, along with the film, photo albums, etc. I would grab it as needed. As I grabbed my Polaroid, it caused the things around me to fall. As I mentioned, I didn’t have much space, so I had to utilize the shelf space. I decided to turn the photo box into a storage box for my Polaroid. In this box alone, I was able to organize my Polaroid Camera, Polaroid Carrying Case, Digital Camera, Polaroid Film, and Photo Albums. This alleviated my problem of items falling off the shelf and made the space look neat.

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Organize my Polaroid Camera, Polaroid Carrying Case

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