Cabinets Are Essential To Your Bathroom Design

Is your bathroom design daunting you? No need to worry, every discontent of yours will soon be gone!  Two Words.. Bathroom Cabinets. With the right bathroom cabinet your bathroom will seem more spacious and elegant which is the appeal we all want when we are building our dream bathroom.

You can opt for cabinets that come as a vanity sink combo or you can go with a wall mounted style, depending on how much space you have, read our last article about room and spacing in your bathroom. Traditionally cabinets are mounted above the sink, usually with a mirror on the door. Bathroom cabinets are very useful in providing a practical storage place to keep everything tidy in a room that is used on the daily.

Here are a few different cabinet types we like and recommend thinking about when adding cabinets to your bathroom:

1) Aluminum Cabinets










2) Illuminated Cabinets











3) Vanity Sink Cabinet Combo












4) Free Standing Cabinet












5) Over The Toilet Storage














Now the choice is yours, on what style you prefer and will add the appeal of serenity and elegance you are looking for every time you walk into your bathroom.

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