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Shower Drain Covers – Add Bling to Custom Showers


Shower drain covers can be fugly –  add Blink to Custom Showers.   Yes, I typed fugly. Custom showers deserve awesome shower drains for those who are interested in or have trough drain showers. Something that speaks to the style of the homeowner. But where do you find these drain covers? And will they fit […]

“In Honor of Inky’s Daring Escape: Octopuses Around the House”


Becky Harris – April 15, 2016 The slippery New Zealand sea creature has the internet abuzz, but designers have long used octopuses as conversation starters. By now you may have read about Inky the Octopus, a crafty creature who could have easily escaped from Alcatraz. In honor of Inky’s jailbreak from New Zealand’s National Aquarium — […]