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There’s something so satisfying about straight lines and 90-degree angles, isn’t there? Any painters reading? We all know the paint tape trick to keep lines clean and smooth. But why not use your artsy DIY skills on your walls! Check out this super fun paint project from!

And here are some awesome ways you can put your new technique to use!

Awesome stuff, right? Need more ideas? Check out our Geo Homes idea board on Pinterest!

Now that your hands and overalls are covered in paint and you’re admiring your amazingly cool geometric paint job, do you know what’ll look great to match? A super chic geometric-inspired designer drain, of course! Our Geometric Series is just the little accessory you’ll need to add the cherry. Whether your interior space is colorful and playful or black, white, and serious all over, a geometric drain design will be the perfect touch! A little more inclined to a golden brass design? Don’t worry! We’ve got that too! As far as jewelry goes, I tend to be a silver girl, but maybe your shower wants to be bathed in gold! Either way, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. 97879c497dc32b9034a9d70947ecfda5 90e14485d9abb2cf02b895aba6eba107




































Gorgeous, right? Check out more from the collection~! All of these are available in Brass, silver, brushed, polished or oil rubbed bronze.

These and all of our drains from every series fit in your shower or sink drain and are incredibly easy to install. You’ll absolutely love your new designer drain!


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