7 Amazing Up-Cycle D.I.Y Projects

The latest trend has been to up-cycle old or unwanted items, and we simply love it! As our drains

are all from up-cycled material. This post shows you how you can take your old ordinary objects that
are laying around the house or garage and turn them into extraordinary every day useful items, that
are sure to wow all of your family and friends.

1. Pallet + Mason Jars + Candles = Outdoor Chandelier :

 2. That Unwanted Dresser Into A Beautiful Couch! :

 3. That Old Sewing Machine Into A New Vanity

 4. A Piano Into A Piano Bookshelf! :

 5. An Old Wine Barrel Into A Coffee Table.. or Wine Table? :

6. Your Old Bicycle Into A Vanity :
7. The Old Fridge, Turn It Into A New Ice Chest :
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