Maintaining Your Zen Gardens Water Source

Zen Garden : Tips for Maintaining The Water Source

Are you looking to add some water to your zen garden? Why not invest in a drain for your pond or water fountain? You may need to look into Landscaping Construction in order to get this done though. Many people overlook a drain in their
gardens because they see it as an unnecessary cost. However, a drain in any
garden water source can limit the amount of time needed to clean the garden
and help keep it looking consistently beautiful. Here are some do-it- yourself
tips to installing your water feature in a zen garden.

Adding a Drain to A Pond

Adding a pond can invite zen into your garden. However, to maximize the
performance and minimalize the maintenance of your pond, you will want to
install a bottom drain at the deepest and lowest part of the pond. This will
create a slope and ensure all the dirty waste gets sent to the drain. It will
minimize the amount of time it takes to clean the pond, and keep it beautiful
during all times of the year. Also, if you want to put fish in your pond, a drain
will help to clean the water and ultimately keep the fish healthy.
One of the most common mistakes new pond builders make though is to put
rocks or gravel at the bottom of their pond. Although they are aesthetically
pleasing, the rocks and gravel prevent fish waste from getting to the drain. It
will also trap leaves and other debris at the bottom of your pond which will
give the pond a brownish color. If you do add a drain, you’ll need to remember
to get regular drain cleaning hackensack, nj to prevent the drains from being

Installing a Water Fountain

An easier way to add water to your garden is through a water fountain. You
can install a water fountain that comes with a drain plug, or add one to the
fountain yourself. This will allow you to easily drain the water for cleaning
purposes and allow you to easily change the water in the fountain.
To add a drain to a water fountain, you will want to create a drain hole if the
fountain doesn’t already have one. Then place a drain plug inside the hole
and seal with silicone sealant or putty. When you want to empty or change the
water in your fountain, you can unplug the drain plug and siphon the water
with tubing to where you want.
Water is highly important in life as well as in your zen garden. These drain
ideas will help you add water to your garden in a way that will keep your
garden beautiful and easy to maintain.

By : Sally

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