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4 Reasons to Consider a Walk-in Shower Without Doors

A walk-in shower without doors is the latest feature in luxury bathroom design. These custom designed showers are great for universal design, require minimal maintenance, and can make your bathroom look and feel larger.

walk-in shower without doors

Sometimes referred to as Roman showers, the walk-in shower without doors resemble those early, unenclosed spaces in the middle of the city squares that Roman’s bathed in.

If you’ve been considering installing a walk-in shower without doors in your bathroom read this post to decide if it’s right for you.

1) Unique Shower Design

A main advantage of a walk-in shower without a door is their one-of-a-kind design, creating a truly unique space that will be the envy of all your friends. These lavish and luxurious showers can be designed to fit in any space, whether in a corner, taking the place of a large garden tub, or even in small bathrooms.

showers without doors

Most people would think their smaller bathroom couldn’t accommodate a walk-in shower without a door but we’ve been able to install many walk-in showers in smaller bathrooms because of our creativity, ingenuity, and experience.

While any showerhead will work within a walk-in shower without a door, it is recommended to use an overhead mounted showerhead, commonly known as a rainfall showerhead to minimize splashing. A wall-mounted shower head should be placed at least 5 feet from the shower opening to prevent splashing.  You can also install a handheld, personal shower head to make it easy to clean the shower.

2)Perfect for Universal Design

Universal Design is the practice in which environments are designed that are inherently accessible to older people and people of all ages with or without disabilities.

walk-in shower without doors

Walk-in showers come in three entry varieties, or entry levels:

  • level entry (a seamless transition between the floor and the shower)
  • no threshold (no barrier to walk over)
  • low threshold (a small barrier to walk over no more than 3” in height)

This allows homeowners to choose the entry design that is right for them and their needs.

These showers are designed with a gentle slope towards the drain to contain all the water within the shower area. Tile shower bases and precast shower bases are considered slip-resistant however if you are concerned about additional safety you can always add slip-resistant adhesive strips to the floor or the base.

3)Cleaning and Maintenance

The biggest challenge with any shower or bathtub surround is cleaning. A walk-in shower without doors fixes this problem. By removing the door, you are eliminating 50% of the cleaning.

walk-in shower without doors

However if you choose to design a walk-in shower with glass you will still have to squeegee the glass, however coatings can be applied to the glass to reduce water spotting and keep the glass cleaner longer.

4) Visual Space

Shower doors break up space and can make your bathroom appear smaller. Removing the shower door will create more visual space which makes your bathroom appear larger. In an entry-level design use the same tile on the floor as the shower base to give it a seamless look.

walk-in shower without doors

Think your bathroom is too small for a doorless walk-in shower – take this amazing bathroom above for an example. By installing water-resistant flooring and tile walls, homeowners are able to shower and bathe in the same location within a small space. This design would be perfect for smaller master bathrooms or stylish guest bathrooms.

To find more inspiration on how to incorporate a doorless shower into your home, visit here.

Endless configurations of these unique and spacious walk-in showers are possible and we’d be happy to help you design one to fit within your space. Our experienced design consultants are available to answer any questions you have and would love to visit your home and give you a Free In-Home Consultation and give you a Guaranteed Price on the spot. Give us a call today and we can start designing your new bathroom tomorrow!


Source: Triangle Re-Bath 4 Reasons to Consider a Walk-in Shower Without Doors | Triangle Re-Bath

10 Easy Pieces: Indie Toilet-Paper Holders: Remodelista

ISSUE 3  |  Budget Remodels

January 20, 2017 6:00 AM

BY Alexa Hotz

Toilet-paper holders are not the most glamorous fixture in the bathroom, but they are undeniably essential. In 2011 we dove into two subcategories: Modern Toilet-Paper Holders and Traditional Toilet-Paper Holders. Since then many more have arrived on the scene; here are 10 designs we’re admiring.

Above: The triangular Brass Toilet-Paper Holder by Copenhagen-based Ferm Living is $44 via Clever Spaces, Ferm Living’s retailer for the US and Canada. (For non-US readers, it is also available via Ferm Living’s international site.)Above: Koizumi Studio’s White Porcelain Toilet-Paper Holder includes a beech rod; ¥4,644 ($40.32). Contact Koizumi Studio in Japan for availability and shipping information. The same design is rendered entirely in wood as well.Above: Made of bent steel with a durable powder-coat finish and a solid brass knob, the Onefortythree Tissue-Roll Holder is $30.

Above: At the Ace Hotel in Los Angeles, Commune Design created this genius leather toilet-paper holder (we’re planning to DIY this one).Above: Made in Seattle from polished stainless steel, the Studio Andolina Toilet-Paper Holder is $76 via Etsy.Above: Designed by Pete Oyler, the Roll With It toilet-paper holder comes in combinations of brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and walnut; contact at Assembly Design for purchasing information.

Above: Japanese design studio Koizumi makes the A + W Toilet-Paper Holder of aluminum and wood from the Japanese Parozu, maple, and Tagaya trees; ¥4,300 ($37.34) at T-Kiki, in Japan.

Above: Labour & Wait’s Toilet-Paper Holder is made in England of solid oak; £22 ($27.10).

Above: London-based Yang Ripol Studio was inspired by sailing gear in their design for the Diabolo Holder for Vandiss. It’s available in black or orange rope with a chrome hub at Yang Ripol.

Above: The Hand-Forged Iron Modern Industrial Toilet-Paper Holder is available as part of a set (towel bar included); from $107.45 from Vin Tin, in Martinsburg, West Virginia, via Etsy.

Prefer to get creative? See our posts Bathroom: Low-Tech Toilet-Roll Holders and Back to Brass: Glamorous Bath Fixtures from Japan.

N.B.: This post is an update; the original story ran on October 8, 2014.


10 Easy Pieces: Indie Toilet-Paper Holders: Remodelista.

Source: 10 Easy Pieces: Indie Toilet-Paper Holders: Remodelista

Make Your Garden Modern: Landscape Design Tips from Fernando Wong – Design Milk

After studying architecture at Universidad de Panama and another three years in an interior design program, landscape designer Fernando Wong journeyed from Panama to Palm Beach in 2001, where he started at the bottom and worked his way up. He went from watering plants to opening his own firm in Miami Beach in 2005, and is currently working on landscape designs for The Four Seasons. Since it’s been raining and cold lately, we’ve been dreaming about lush, greenery and outdoor spaces, so we asked Fernando to inspire and educate us with some landscape design tips. Ready to whip out your green thumb? Read on…

1. Use native plants from local nurseries.
Native plants tend to use less water and you know they will are guaranteed to grow well in your area. I also recommend purchasing plants from local nurseries instead of big box stores. Nurseries typically have a larger selection, their quality is higher, and their staff is much more knowledgeable about useful tips such as which plants work best in shade or direct sunlight.

2. Create a focal point in your landscaping to form beautiful views from both the interior and exterior.
Be thoughtful of how landscaping can be showcased and enjoyed both in your house and out in your garden. Think of doors and windows as the frame for the art you’re creating, whether it’s with an antique urn or a center fountain that will create the beautiful vista.

3. Create intimate nooks and areas.
I create outdoor spaces so that they slowly reveal themselves, like this soaking tub and outdoor shower tucked into the side of the home by the master suite. If you create separate outdoor rooms it actually makes properties seem larger, not smaller. So I always try to create a number of different areas that work harmoniously together.

4. Use colors and materials to create a seamless transition from the interior to the exterior.
I like to use the same material on terraces that is used inside the home. This creates a seamless indoor-outdoor transition. I also try to use similar colors the same way you would in an interior. For instance, red and yellow do not go together inside or out—ever!

5. Hire a landscaping professional to develop a master plan.
I always advise engaging a professional landscape designer who can work with you to develop a master plan for the entire property. This will help you save time and from making costly mistakes. It will also ensure that your garden is as beautiful as the interior of your home. If the budget is an issue, having a master plan also allows you to work in phases.

See more of Fernando’s work here.


Make Your Garden Modern: Landscape Design Tips from Fernando Wong – Design Milk.

Source: Make Your Garden Modern: Landscape Design Tips from Fernando Wong – Design Milk

A Cube-Like Room Within a Room – Design Milk

Affordable housing is becoming a thing of the past resulting in many having/choosing to downsize. Since we can’t always get the large space that we want, finding ways to make it work become a necessity. Helping make that happen is Nils Holger Moormann who has designed a Kammerspiel (intimate theatre) to increase functionality within a small space. The Kammerspiel is basically a room within a larger room that organizes many essentials, like sleeping, working, eating, and reading, into a cube-like piece of furniture that can be accessed from all sides. Other essentials, like clothing storage, are located on the inside of the cube.

The Kammerspiel is designed to be customized as everyone’s living habits are all different, so various external modules are available. You can have a bed on top with various storage options around the edge that can include places to charge your devices. Also, the stairs come with three drawers.

The Bicycle Box offers a place to store your bike plus three drawers below.

The Dining Space module contains open and closed shelving with a table that folds down along with a magnetic board.


Photos copyright of Julia Rotter.


A Cube-Like Room Within a Room – Design Milk.

Source: A Cube-Like Room Within a Room – Design Milk

Green Genius’ Build Store of Cardboard Cylinders

Aesop, a popular skin care company, has just unveiled a new store completely built with repurposed cylindrical cardboard tubes. This storefront design is a drastic change from other storefronts that you may have encountered everyday. Usually, stores are filled to the brim with tons products, advertising materials and other things that are in place to “help” you buy what they are selling. They are so filled and cluttered that they don’t give the customer a chance to rest their eyes from the mass of product offerings. Aesop, on the other hand does an incredible job of displaying their products in a way that doesn’t overpower the customer.

Brooks + Scarpa, Aesop DTLA, sustainable retail projects, retail LA, paper display shelving, recycled cardboard tubes, cardboard constructuion, cardboard building material, green building, sustainable building, vintage sinks, repurposed materials, cardboard countertops, green materials, recycled paper


Brooks + Scarpa, Aesop DTLA, sustainable retail projects, retail LA, paper display shelving, recycled cardboard tubes, cardboard constructuion, cardboard building material, green building, sustainable building, vintage sinks, repurposed materials, cardboard countertops, green materials, recycled paper

Their use of these six-inch cylindrical cardboard tubes has made very clever use of an item that most wouldn’t think twice about using. This just goes to show what can be achieved by using your imagination. Here at Designer Drains we are very interested in innovation and finding different ways to create something new. Let us know what you think of this article by leaving a comment below.

+ Aesop

+ Brooks + Scarpa


Source: Green Genius’ Build Store of Cardboard Cylinders

IKEA kitchen made from recycled plastic bottles created by Form Us With Love

Reclaimed wood and plastic bottles never looked so good!

Twenty-five plastic bottles are used in each of these IKEA kitchen units, designed by Swedish studio Form Us With Love to make “sustainability available for everyone”.The Kungsbacka units are IKEA‘s first kitchen cabinets to be made entirely from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed industrial wood.

“A plastic bottle is not waste; it is a resource,” said Jonas Pettersson, Form Us With Love CEO. “Most importantly, this kitchen proves that these materials can be used for household goods in large-scale production.”

“We have to challenge the excuses for not using waste as a resource by showing how to best put these materials back into production, making affordable democratic products that will last.”

The kitchen’s main structure is formed from reclaimed wood, while the coating is made from plastic bottles. The studio opted for a simple silhouette in a matt grey to create a “timeless” design.

Shiny black Hackås handles contrast with the cupboards’ matt surface, and as with most IKEA kitchens, the cabinets are modular, so they can be arranged to fit any space.

“We wanted it to feel like a black T-shirt, tuned to fit right, practical and still precious,” said John Löfgren, creative director at Form Us With Love.

With sustainable products often expensive to produce because of the extensive research and development required, the two companies had to work together to come up with production methods that would make the kitchen a “viable alternative” to those currently on the market.

The company expects it to last for 25 years.

“Today, applying waste materials in production is unfortunately still costly and the Kungsbacka kitchen fronts could have easily ended up too expensive,” said Anna Granath, product developer at IKEA.

“Overcoming the price was a milestone in the development. Sustainability should be for everyone, not only for those who can afford it,” she continued.

IKEA recently emerged as the most popular design brand on Dezeen Hot List, ahead of both Apple and Nike.

The company is introducing more sustainable furniture into its catalogue, and last year announced that its PS 2017 collection includes “no waste” products made from recycled materials.

Photography is by Jonas Lindström



Form Us With Love creates IKEA kitchen from recycled plastic bottles.

Source: Form Us With Love creates IKEA kitchen from recycled plastic bottles

6 Tips for a comfortable Bathroom in 2017

No longer do homeowners want “cold and artificial components” in bathrooms that look and feel “sterile and uninviting” says Joe Maykut, a product manager with Sears Home Services. Instead, Maykut predicts, this year’s remodelers are going to embrace “the visual warmth and tactile qualities” of natural, practical, long-lasting materials and incorporate them into designs that ooze “cozy comfort” and affordable luxury. Here at Designer Drains we believe that bathrooms should be a warm and inviting space where you can relax. This is why we have come up with a list of 6 tips to make your bathrooms more enjoyable.

1.) Bring in relaxing and comfortable furniture.


2.) Adorn the walls with beautiful artwork that oozes relaxation and comfort.

Modern Home with a View

3.) Use tranquil colors to create a relaxing feeling in the space.

Siroka Residence

4.) Use Beautiful and functional bathroom fixtures.

Beach Cottage

5.) Embrace open space

Minimal Beach Contemporary/Bruce Peeling Architect

6.) Enjoy!



Source: 6 Bathroom Trends Set to Dominate 2017

Industrial Steam Punk Around The House – Close Up Interior Design Details.

Leather Belts for Wine Racks? I’ll Take A Basement! 

Interior Design Details – Industrial Close Ups


Heavy materials, dark colors, and exposed construction elements all contribute to the distinct look and feel of the industrial style. To show you just what we mean, we’ve compiled a few examples of extreme close ups of pieces and details that are right at home in an industrial interior. Let’s take a look.


1. The steel rebar supports for the railing and the concrete of the actual steps give this staircase a modern, industrial look.

Cadaval & Solà-Morales designed this house in Mexico City. Photography by Miguel de Guzman.

2. Wheels on the bottom of large steel kitchen islands create an industrial look and makes it easier to reconfigure the kitchen should the mood strike.

Inspiration from an apartment designed by Cindy Bayon of Muratore Construction + Design, Photography by Scott Hargis.

3. These pendant lights hanging from a modern pulley system put a contemporary spin on the traditional rustic look of the older pulley systems.

Atelier I-N-D-J designed this restaurant featuring pendant lights on pulley systems. Photography by Seth Powers.

4. The dark color of the sliding door mechanism completes the industrial look in this shipping container home.

Studio H:T designed this shipping container home. Photography by Braden Gunem.

5. This small pendant light, made from a glass jar and a concrete top, brightens the space and contributes to an overall industrial vibe.

Inspiration from a house designed by Lendager Arkitekter. Photography by Jesper Ray.

6. Concrete steps and thin metal handrails give this staircase a simple, modern, industrial look.

Inspiration from a house in India designed by Matharoo Associates.

7. Dark metal, leather strips, and brass hardware make this wine rack the perfect modern industrial accent piece.

Arthur Umanoff designed this industrial wine rack. Available through 1stdibs.

8. The wheels on the bottoms of this sliding bookcase add an industrial touch to the modern piece of furniture.

Vincent Martinez designed the Literatura Open bookcase. Manufactured by Punt.

9. Light wood crates contrast the dark metal frame and pull tabs on this small industrial kitchen unit.

Frama designed this industrial office kitchen. Photography by Michael Falgren.

10. The clean look of this metal barn door hardware puts a modern spin on the traditional industrial look of sliding door hardware.

Aero Barn Door Hardware from Real Sliding Hardware

11. The dark, thin metal handle bolted to this light colored door creates a modern contrast made from industrial materials.

The Studio Pull from Rustica Hardware.

Curated from Contemporist

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National Tile Contractors Association Features Designer Drains in Tech Issue

This years technological products and trends report from National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) featured our Designer Drains under the “Shower Systems Products” read the article below.

Designer Drains are “Jewelry For Your Shower” unique decorative replacement shower drains made in the USA from reclaimed 304 stainless steel. They will never rust, fade or tarnish and each drain supports the environment, one shower at a time. There are over 50 designs to chose from – and they also come in bronze, aluminum, steel, brass, copper, chrome nickel, weathered finishes and stone, perfectly styled to bring a final touch of beautiful decor to the bathroom. These decorative replacements support the theme of the bathroom and range from .06″ to 1.00″ thick or can be custom sized to fit any brand and size. Also available is the patented oval style drain, which is made of nickel-plated bronze and then polished for a brilliant finish.


2016 World Interior of the Year in Marble Powder

 Amazing interior done in marble powder by Weng Shang Wei

Marble powder creates “seamless” finish for World Interior of the Year 2016

In this exclusive movie, designer Weng Shang Wei explains how he achieved the deep, uniform shade of black inside the Hangzhou fashion store that was named World Interior of the Year at Inside 2016 last month.

AN Design's interior for the Heike concept store in Hangzhou

Black Cant System by Weng’s studio AN Design, which he co-founded together with Jiadie Yuan, is a concept store for a fashion brand called Heike.

AN Design's interior for the Heike concept store in Hangzhou

The boutique is located on the second floor of a furniture showroom in the Chinese city. Customers climb a narrow staircase to enter, emerging into the space from a large, black, wedge-shaped volume.

The idea behind the unusual structure was to conceal the stairway while maintaining the open plan of the store, Weng says.

AN Design's interior for the Heike concept store in Hangzhou

“Originally, the staircase divided the second-floor space,” he says in the movie, which Dezeen filmed at Inside 2016 interiors festival in Berlin.

“I don’t like it when a space is divided like this – it’s incomplete, it’s not united. In the end we found a solution that is somehow separate but allows the space to remain as a whole.”

AN Design's interior for the Heike concept store in Hangzhou

Other functions are built into the same black structure to make the most of the available space.

“The design has multiple purposes within it,” Weng says. “It contains a fitting room, a showroom for accessories, as well as integrating the handrails of the staircase.”

AN Design's interior for the Heike concept store in Hangzhou

AN Design used concrete and steel throughout the store. The monochrome aesthetic was informed by Heike’s clothes, which are largely black.

“Heike as a brand wants to create fashion that transcends age, gender, and all of those barriers,” Weng says.

AN Design's interior for the Heike concept store in Hangzhou

Powdered marble coats the entire exterior of the wedge-shaped structure.

“It is applied mostly on the surface of the wedge, as well as on the supporting columns,” Weng explains. “I like it because marble powder can be seamless, without divisions or lines.”

He adds: “The texture is also very warm, comforting and soft when you touch it. It achieves the completeness that I was looking for in this space.”

Weng Shang Wei of AN Design

Weng Shang Wei of AN Design. Copyright: Dezeen

This movie was filmed by Dezeen in Berlin for Inside festival of interior design. Photography is by Yujie Liu, unless otherwise stated.

Dezeen is media partners for Inside 2016, which this year took place in Berlin in conjunction with World Architecture Festival 2016.